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COVID-19:  Until further notice only the Serenity Day Spa will be open for services.  We have developed a streamlined menu of services that will allow extra focus on client and employee safety. Some services will be limited in time, and some options within services (such as paraffin dips, hot towels and Mother Earth pillows) will not be used. Only the client receiving the service will be allowed inside, which means they will not be performing services for minors at this time. We will also be limiting the number of services to one per client per day. The Staff appreciates your understanding and looks forward to seeing you soon!
To book call 717-768-3757

 Menu of Services
*Serenity Therapeutic Massage $70 - 30 min |  $85 - 45 min |  $90 - 60 min
Your session will begin with a brief consultation to create a therapeutic massage tailored to your needs.

*Mother to Be Escape $75 - 30 min  |  $95 - 60 min
Standard Swedish massage to release tension and stress focuses on relaxation and wellness for both mother and baby.

*Couple's Massage
You can enjoy your spa experience with friends, family or someone special. Choose from any of our Massages above.

*Serenity Manicure $30 - 45 min *Pedicure $50 - 60 min 
Includes shaping your nails and cuticles, a relaxing hand and arm massage or foot and calf massage.

*Serenity Signature Manicure $40 - 60 min  *Serenity Signature Pedicure $65 - 75 min
 Our Signature Manicure/Pedicure includes shaping your nails and cuticles, a relaxing hand and arm massage or foot and calf massage along with an invigorating scrub, intensive moisture treatment, and masque treatment. 
*Detox Pedicure $65 - 75 min
 This charcoal detox pedicure uses natural ingredients to help purify and deep clean the skin. Charcoal draws out impurities and odor-causing bacteria from deep within the pores. It leaves your feet feeling soft, smooth, and conditioned.
*Gel Manicure $35 - 75 min
Our Gel Manicure lasts 2-3 times longer than traditional natural nail manicures. Nails are dried using LED light, eliminating long dry times. Includes shaping your nails and cuticles and a relaxing hand and arm massage.

*Face Waxing 
Eyebrows $15
Underarm $20
Full Arm $35   Half Arm $25
Bikini $30
Full Leg $60  Half Leg $40

Massage Clients should wear comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing. Our massage therapists are trained in draping procedures that respect the client's privacy, and will keep clients bodies continually covered with a sheet -- uncovering only one part at a time in order to work on it. Typically, no clothes are worn under the sheet, but many people are more comfortable wearing shorts or leaving their undergarments on.
Pedicure Clients should wear pants that can be pushed up to about the knee. Skinny jeans and tight leggings may limit the area we are able to work on.

Please call us
at 800-801-2219
or 717-768-0555 to
set up an appointment.
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Emerge renewed and refreshed from The Spa at Intercourse Village.

Upon entering the doors, get lost in the tranquility of our soothing surroundings, uplifting scents and soft music filling the air.

As you quiet your thoughts, know that we believe that health, wellness and beauty are intricately linked for an overall sense of peace.

From beginning to end, our dedicated spa staff will enhance your wellbeing, enliven your spirit, and ensure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Emerge renewed and refreshed from The Spa at Intercourse Village.       


Your experience will allow you to create a sense of wellbeing and promote tranquility within; close your eyes and drift away. Gratuity is included with all package services, along with a light lunch for you to enjoy.

Day of Tranquility for You - Approximately 4 1/2 hours - $357
Indulge in the best our spa has to offer! Quiet your mind from the noise. It is time to slow down and reconnect with your body and mind. Escape with a one-hour Tranquility Therapeutic Massage, one-hour Tranquility Facial and a Tranquility Signature Manicure and Pedicure. This will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Tranquility for Two - Approximately 3 hours - $402
Close your eyes and drift away with someone special. Relax with a one-hour couples massage and Tranquility Signature Pedicure side by side. Restore the state of equilibrium as your share your time together.

Just a Day Away - Approximately 3 hours - $279
Treat yourself to just a little time away and escape the day. Enjoy a half hour Tranquility Therapeutic Massage, Tranquility mini Facial, and a Tranquility Manicure and Pedicure. A truly relaxing experience!

Escape the Day with Healing Stones - Approximately 4 hours - $357
Warm your soul as you heal and relax your mind and body. Take pleasure in a one hour Hot Stone Massage, Hot Stone Facial, and a Hot Stone Pedicure. Allow the stones to provide a healing, therapeutic effect and reveal a state of harmony.

  • We require 48-hour cancellation notice.
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Take time for you...

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The Spa at Intercourse Village

Slow down and reconnect 


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